ADATA S510 120GB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-05-12

Product on Review: S510
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ADATA
Street Price: £99inc. VAT (At time of review)

ADATA have their roots in the enterprise sector and whilst they may not be the most popular brand for enthusiast SSD they have an undeniably strong name in other areas of business. Their product range covers memory, USB, and other storage devices.

SSDs have now become the mainstay for the enthusiast and gaming market due to the speed, sound and reliability benefits. Many SSDs are still highly priced, making it difficult for those on a tighter budget to afford such a lucrative product but ADATA hope to change this with the S510.

S510 is based on the popular Sandforce SF 2281 series controller which is able to achieve transfer rates of up to 550 MB/s read and 510 MB/s write. At less than £1 per GB, this has to be one of the most affordable SSDs to hit the market, but how does performance compare? Let’s find out!

ADATA’s words on S510
IThe S510 is a highly cost-effective option for SSD upgrades of existing systems, and for new SATA 6Gb/s enabled computers. The S510 utilizes the new generation SandForce SF-2200 series controller, with native support for the SATA 6Gb/s platform. In both desktop and notebook computers, users will enjoy an unprecedented high-speed experience. The S510 can reach 550/510MB read and write speeds respectively, with 4K random write speeds as high as 85,000 IOPS.

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