👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅21-01-18
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
To get going, simply connect to the correct port, or use the included Y-splitter if needed.

The I30 have a good quality feel to them, which is backed up by the rubberised cable too. The inline microphone button has a good tactile click to it while the earplugs do a good job creating a comfortable seal inside your ear. Something mentioned on the packaging is that this headset may also be used alongside with a VR headset, as they are discrete, they may fare much better than a full sized headset while using a VR headset too.

We are a little confused as to the description of a 5.2 surround headset, though, on further looking into the details, the headset itself may actually, by way of technicality, be a 'real' 5.2 surround headset, though the additional drivers are 'passive', as the patented chamber features two linings, then there is the 13.5 driver, along with a 'micro sub-woofer'. However, it certainly does appear that there is more to this headset than the given details clearly describe, as this cross-section shows.

Listening through some electronic music, rock, and some country, we found that the I30 headset actually does sound very good. Clear highs, rich bass, and detailed mids with little distortion. We also noted that the sound was very wide, adding credence to the 3D/spatial effect claims. Once we finished up our subjective music listening tests, we found that the bass, combined with the wide sound, gave a very interesting low frequency rumble which was neither muffling, but more.. strangely realistic?

Our in-game experience took the very good sound, and wear nigh on awesome, the spatial awareness granted by the I30 was somewhat completely unexpected, especially when considering that this is an in-ear headset (something that generally sound substantially sub-par anyway). The well rounded bass along with the crisp details in the mids, and highs made for some very immersive gaming, while the presented sense of direction is well above and beyond anything I have heard from an in-ear solution previously.

We also tested the EMIX I30 while using a VR headset too, if, like many, you find the Occulus combined with a full headset to be rather warm, you may find that an in-ear solution may be good way forward. We found that playing Elite Dangerous was rather liberating due to the substantial reduction in weight on the head, while the good spatial awareness from the EMIX I30 proved to be a good combination for VR gaming.

The microphone is always a welcome addition, though this sort of microphone will not replace a boom/desktop microphone, it is perfectly capable of conversation either via mobile device or PC, though on PC it does sound a little quiet unless you hold it directly to your mouth.

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