XPG GAMMIX S10 512GB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-08-17
Packaging, Bundle & Closer Look
The ADATA GAMMIX S10 arrives in a small packet, showing off that curvy black and red heatsink on the front. The capacity is clearly stated in the bottom left with the NAND type and NVMe interface shown on the top right.

The rear of the packaging describes some of the technologies used within the NVMe drive and quotes the read and write speeds, at 1800MB/s read and 850MB/s write. We’ll find out later on how accurate those numbers are.

As you can see, the drive is held in place within a large piece of dense foam underneath a flip-lid style packaging. That drive would look perfect in any black/red themed desktop.

Internal components are no longer hidden away from users behind a thick metal side-piece, more and more consumers are now purchasing tempered glass cases to show off their pride and joy; this necessitates an attractive appearance, which ADATA have certainly delivered on; they also claim the heatsink can reduce temperatures by up to 10°C compared to a naked M.2. One thing to note is that the drive’s XPG logo, on the front of the drive, will be upside down in most conventional systems due to the orientation which the majority of motherboard manufacturers adopt.

The rear of the M.2 isn’t anything special, though it’s nice to see they’ve used a black PCB. The GAMMIX S10 conforms to the M.2 2280 specification.

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