Aerocool DS200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-08-14
Packaging & First Look

Packaging for DS200

DS200 is packaged within a large eco-friendly box which uses double reinforced cardboard. The front and back of this box are identical – showing an illustration of the case along with a listing of the fundamental features.

Inside, the case is covered in a clear plastic sheet and two Styrofoam pillars help to protect the case whilst it’s in transit with the courier.

No distinct features on the prominent side

Closed off panels and minimalist styling

Taking the case out of its packaging, we can see DS200 for the first time. This case is available in an assortment of exciting colours – we’re reviewing the blue edition today.

DS200 uses minimalist and elegant styling. These smooth lines are synonymous with the type of case DS200 hopes to be – silent. Furthermore, this case has closed off panels throughout. The side panels are insulated with special material to dampen noise and therefore we have no stand-out features on these panels – they are just solid steel.

On the next page we’ll be looking at the external aspects of DS200

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