Aerocool Strike-X ST Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-02-12
Packaging & First Look

The Strike-X ST is presented in a rather eye-catching box with a flame featured on the front and back. The design depicts the chassis on the front whilst the back has a further two images. The sides feature the technical specifications. Inside the Strike-X ST is covered in a thick plastic sheet and held in place via dual Polyurethane pillars. As packaging goes, these pillars are much preferred as they don’t break or crumble like polystyrene does.

Strike-X ST packaging catches the eye

Taking Strike-X ST out of its packaging we are met with a gamer type of chassis – of that there is no doubt. The prominent side features a large semi-transparent mesh panel giving the ability to fix up to 6x 120mm fans or a single 200mm. Whilst the reverse features a solid side panel with the option to attach a 120mm fan behind the CPU socket for additional cooling.

Strike-X ST has the type of styling that only a certain category of gamers/enthusiasts have a taste for due to its garish, rugged appearance. In its favour are the sheer dimensions of the depth of this chassis – revealing a significant amount of space for bigger components and systems.

Prominent side panel has a large mesh panel

A case primarily for the gamer

Over the page we will explore the outer elements of Strike-X ST.

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