Aerocool Strike-X ST Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-02-12

As is typical with computer cases nowadays – the side panels are secured via 2 thumbscrews on either side. The prominent side panel with mesh insert does warp slightly and upon moving it around it does have a rattle.

Inside, we are met with a very spacious interior. There are numerous cable management grommets, tool-less design for getting devices in and out, fan hubs around the motherboard tray and the motherboard mounting holes sit slightly lower for the inclusion of a top mounted PSU or water-cooling radiator placement. Strike-X ST supports XL-ATX and E-ATX motherboards.

Spacious internal layout

Behind the motherboard tray numerous cable management grommets

Moving inside for a closer look, the bottom section has an area for mounting the PSU. Sadly there should be 4x rubber pads here but the sample we received only had 3x. Next to the PSU seating area are mounting holes for attaching a 120mm fan. The underside does have a filter sheet but to get at it the case must be turned on its side.

The PSU section at the bottom of Strike-X ST

Further up there are up to 10x PCI expansion slot covers each with ventilation holes for better airflow within Strike-X ST and thumbscrews for easy removal.

Lots of PCI expansion slot covers for multi-GPU configurations

At the top of the chassis Aerocool have included 2x cooling fans. A 140mm rear exhaust red LED fan that spins at an astounding 1500RPM with 33.0dBA. Above this rear exhaust is a placement for top mounting the PSU and this also gives more clearance for water-cooling. At the top, oddly towards the front is a 200mm red LED fan this spins at 800RPM and with the rating 24.4dBA. Usually top fans within cases sit above the CPU cooler to draw air in/out – this fan will be directly above the RAM slots.

Next to the 200mm fan are 2x fan hubs – these are powered via Molex but allow the 3/4pin to be connected. This is a very handy idea, it’s just a shame the colour of the cable is yellow – it ruins the red/black scheme that this chassis makes use of.

LED cooling fans come as standard with Strike-X ST

Over the page we will continue our tour of the internal aspects of Strike-X ST.

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