Airen RedMouseR Two Gaming Mouse Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅05-03-11

Airen are a manufacturer that specialises in PC case and accessory production. They have an expansive range of fans, fan controllers, PC chassis and mice.

Their experienced designers and engineers aim to bring Japanese quality to the mainstream users looking for robust and well designed peripherals and cases for a reasonable cost.

Here's a little from Airen themselves:

The letters AI in our company name can be understand in three ways. As the first meaning, it comes from the Chinese word for "Love" that we dedicate to our product ENgineering. The second meaning is Additional Innovation that we always add to our products. And finally, bringing the new ENergy AIR to Your life, this is AIRen.

We are stable and well-coordinated team of designers, engineers, managers and workers with more than 10 years of experiences. Due to the strong technological background and high-quality specialists, we are ranked among the first-class computer peripheral manufacturers. We guarantee quality, innovative solution and flexibility.

Today we have their 'RedMouseR Two' high resolution laser gaming mouse in for testing.


The RedMouseR Two has an impressive specification with its laser sensor and high resolution capability.

The RedMouseR's full product sheet can be downloaded HERE.

Here's what Airen have to say about the RedMouseR Two:

High-precision 6-buttom gaming ergonomic laser mouse in fashionable red-black design. Rubber scroll wheel is red underlilghted. Adjustable resolution for easy moving from 3000 to 4000 dpi. For better grip are the keys rubber-oiled. Two multifunctional gaming keys enables quick and easy "up and down page".Mouse can be connected using USB port. Tephlon pads make the mouse glide with less resistance over a surface.

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