Airen RedMouseR Two Gaming Mouse Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅05-03-11
Packaging and mouse

The Airen RedMouseR Two comes nicely packaged in a colour coded outer with a blistered window formed around the mouse itself. Certainly allows you to take a closer look at the product itself. The packaging also does a good job of identifying the features and design innovations you're getting.

Box front.

The rear outlines a couple of extra points in english as well as several other languages too.

Box rear.

Unpacked the RedMouseR Two is a very good looking mouse. It cuts quite a clean look being neither in your face nor boring.

The RedMouseR Two.

The left side offers a thumb grip and the always useful back and forward buttons now present on almost any mouse. The shape caters for right handed users only so unless Airen are prepared to produce a left handed model then users searching for a specific 'left handed' mouse may need to look elsewhere.

RedMouseR Two left side.

The right side is incredibly clean and elegant. As per the previous comments the mouses shape bows out towards the rear quarter to accommodate a right hand.

RedMouseR Two right side.

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