Airen RedMouseR Two Gaming Mouse Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅05-03-11
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The Airen logo is the focal point at the rear - the black portion of the mouse that runs along the entire length of the top surface of the RedMouseR Two is a tactile rubber finish. It certainly helps grip while at the same time not feeling 'too tacky/grippy'.

The RedMouseR Two rear.

The front portion of the mouse obviously caters for the main left and right buttons and scroll wheel. You can also see the sensitivity button that allows the user to select one of the three resolution settings - 3000, 3500 and 4000DPI. When activated a red light glows from the PCB within and through the opaque scroll wheel.

The RedMouseR Two front.

One thing to note is that the DPI selection light actually isn't as obvious as it probably could/should be. Regardless of the DPI the only colour you get is red - yes there are three separate LED's for each resolution but they are all red. When selecting each sensitivity you can only see the LED's change if you look very carefully. Certainly not a deal breaker in terms of this mouses day to day use but it could have been made far more obvious/easy to spot.

The base of the mouse is typically labelled up with the products name and serial number. The prism for the optics can be seen in the center of the mouse and four teflon pads should help the RedMouseR Two to smoothly navigate most surfaces.

The RedMouseR Two base.

While examining the base of the mouse I noticed some additional paint on the edge of the base of the casing - this obviously won't affect performance in any way and is probably just overspray from the production process but it would be nice to see that tidied up.

Spilt paint.

Finally, in line with its 'affordable' brethren the RedMouseR Two's 1.5m cable is unbraided and its USB plug isn't plated with anything.

Unbraided and not plated.

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