Airen RedMouseR Two Gaming Mouse Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅05-03-11

On the whole Airen have done a good job with the RedMouseR Two. It's laser optics are some of the best I've come across, it's easy to install, a pleasure to use and is good looking.

There are of course some issues - primarily the DPI status lighting and the somewhat budget style materials. Add to that the fact there are some seriously competitive mice on the market for similar amounts to the Czech prices I found on the net... assuming they reflect the retail price we'll get here of course.

The RedMouseR Two.

When your product is in this price range and you're up against Gigabyte and Logitech you need something special - in many ways the RedMouseR Two is excellent but in others it's not. If they address the issues I raise they'd have a truly excellent mouse but for now I can only simply rate it as good!

All in all the Airen RedMouseR Two has achieved Bronze status here at Vortez - (pending a final UK price).


+ Good design
+ Very accurate - good laser optics
+ DPI switching is very useful
+ Good looking
+ Comfortable in use
+ Absolute plug and play compatibility
+ Rubber coating on top of mouse good for grip
+ Forward and back browsing buttons


- Budget build materials
- Finish could be better - overspray issue
- USB cable not braided
- USB plug not plated
- DPI indicator is not clear at all
- Side grip issues in clammy hands

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