AK Racing Core Series LX Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-12-18

Product on Review: AK Racing Core Series LX Gaming Chair
Manufacturer: AK Racing
Street Price: UK £379.99 / US $449.99

As part of our two-part review, we focus in on the AK Racing Core Series LX Gaming Chair here, while the other part looks at the AK Racing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair. This review looks at LX which offers a more cost-efficient method into AK Racing’s new line-up.

Whether you’re watching your favourite tech YouTuber, such as David here at Vortez, or streamers on Twitch, you’ll likely have noticed the big, colourful thrones with branding behind their head. This type of computer chair has gained massive popularity in recent years, with AK Racing offering several new chairs to try and entice you into the latest crowd. They’re not only designed to look good, but to increase comfort for long periods of sitting down, which we all know isn’t good for us but we do it anyway.

This new Core Series LX offers 10% more padding than the EX model alongside a wider frame for additional comfort. Along with a full PU-leather exterior for greater longevity and easier maintenance in the long-term.

As is generally the case, the gaming chair arrives with a lumbar support cushion and neck cushion to help aid with comfort and the same 5-year warranty on the chair and 10-year warranty on the hand-welded frame. AK Racing offer this on all of their chairs.

Pricing is at the higher end of the gaming chair market, at £379.99 in the UK and $449.99 in the US, but without further ado, let’s take a good look at the Core Series LX and test it out for comfort.

AK Racing on the LX:
LX gaming chair levels up the game even further with unique design, increased padding (10% more cold cured foam than EX gaming chair) and a wider frame for additional comfort and even longer gaming hours.
With a blend of modern-futuristic design and smooth curves, LX gaming chair delivers its promise of something big and substantial with all the quality and functionality AKRacing is renowned for.

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