AK Racing Masters Series Max Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-12-18
Packaging & Included Parts
As you can imagine, with the entire chair being packaged inside one box, it’s on the large size. Too big to photograph fully, sadly. However, inside the box, there’s plenty of packaging and padding to help ensure your chair arrives undamaged and ready to go together.

The 5-prong base feels like a sensible place to start with the included parts. The entire base is made from aluminium, with a satin finish on top. The underside is jet-black.

A set of 5 casters, a class-5 gas piston, fixing screws, Allen-keys and screwdrivers, a cylinder shroud and building instructions are also included, as well as a pair of cloth gloves to aid construction.

The swing mechanism under the base of the chair arrives fully assembled with the handles already in place. One side locks the chair’s rocking mechanism while the other side operates the gas-lift. The turn-wheel in the centre is used to adjust the spring strength dependant on your body weight.

The pillows bundled with the chair match the style and colour scheme and use elastic straps to be held in place. The small plastic octagon has a very clever role which we’ll show you later.

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