Alpenföhn Föhn 120 Wing Boost Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅28-05-10

The Alpenföhn Föhn 120 Wing Boost is impressively specified and contains a few innovations that should hopefully translate into a good performance.


a.) Anti-vibration elements:
Using the injected anti-vibration element noise generated by vibrations is reduced to a minimum.

b.) Soft-Frame:
The fan frame is covered with a thin rubber layer to additionally reduce vibrations.


By using the aerodynamically optimized WB-technology (wing boost technology) the Föhn120 WB operates at lowest noise even running at 1500 rpm.


The new developed HD bearing (hydraulic bearing) reduces the friction noise to a minimum.

Guaranteed operating range:

With the guaranteed operating range from 5 – 12 VDC the new Föhn120 WB can be ideally used as a case fan.

From a gentle breeze to highest airflow – it´s your decision

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