Alpenföhn Föhn 120 Wing Boost Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅28-05-10
The fan continued

Around the back we can see that the fan simply states the model and manufacturer name. You can see the continuing alpine theme with the presence of the companies 'mountain peak' logo!

Rear of the fan.

The moulded frame is a slightly unusual design in that it is covered with a thin layer of rubber - this should further help the Föhn 120 Wing Boost to deal with vibration noises.

Moulded frame with rubber coating.

It also has additional rubber mount holes to further aid with deadening the fan. No need for a silicone gasket with the Föhn 120 Wing Boost then. Vibration deadening and quietening features seem to be the name of the game with this fan.

Fan mount points.

The fan comes with a 4-pin PWM connection so it should function well with the vast majority of PWM capable motherboards out there.

4-pin PWM plug.

The cable braiding has a slightly rubbery texture and should be fairly hard wearing.

The rubbery cable braid.

Let's see how the Föhn 120 Wing Boost does in testing...

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