Alpenföhn Gotthard Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-10-12
Closer Look

Gotthard is a top-down CPU cooler – meaning the orientation of the heatsink is different from the traditional cooler. It’s orientation places the cooling fan in a position whereby it blows air down onto the heatsink and over the motherboard. This type of cooler is the preferred design for those wanting to build a compact system.

Gotthard – the top-down CPU cooler

Gotthard with 140mm Wing Boost fan attached

To install the fan two of the provided clips just need to be attached. The method is fairly easy to fulfil but care should be taken as any adverse pressure when pressing down on the heatink can cause the copper heatpipes to bend.

Installing fan clips is easy

Gotthard is made up of three individual heatsinks each with two copper heatpipes running through them – a total of six heatpipes. The heatpipes will take heat from the CPU/baseplate and up through the fins, then the fan has the job of blowing heat away from the cooler.

Six copper heatpipes

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