Alpenföhn Nordwand Tower CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅12-11-09

The front of the box

The front of the box has a sense of mystery and power to it with the picture of the brooding clouds over the mountains. Alpenföhn immediately conveys the idea that the Nordwand is a brutal cooler, what with the Superman emblem shaped cutting at the front and the somewhat omniscient logo across the top. Apart from that, the box itself is fairly standard but large cardboard packaging to accommodate the tower heatsink.

The back with a picture of the heatsink

The back cover portrays the heatsink itself, giving you an idea of the sheer size and the innovative design associated with the Nordwand. it has an almost godlike stature over the mountains in the background. A list of compatible sockets and CPUs is listed at the bottom.

The side listing all the specifications

On the side are listed all the specifications and compatible sockets/CPUs. Their choice of font does make it somewhat hard to read but let's just say the specifications are impressive, the results speaking for themselves later on.

The interior packaging

As we open the box, we are greeted with a white cardboard box holding all the installation kit, and the actual heatsink in a clear hard plastic heat shrink package. A 120mm fan is also supplied in the bundle.

The bundle including the 850-1500 R.P.M 120mm PWM fan

The bundle consists of the heatsink and fan, and the installation kit for all sockets dating back to socket 754 for AMD. This particular sample did not have the LGA1156 mounting kit but future ones will have it included.

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