Alpenföhn Nordwand Tower CPU Cooler Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅12-11-09
Closer Look (Continued)

Close up on the copper heatsink

The addition of the copper heatsink not only makes the Nordwand an attractive product but also highly functional in its purpose. The heatsink comes pre-installed with part of the mounting kit so there's no need to attach anything to the tower itself, unlike with the Thermolab Baram. This helps ease the installation process.

The base has a pre-installed mounting bracket

The base uses the direct contact technology and being very flat for excellent contact helps in transferring heat as efficiently as possible. The base has an alternate copper/aluminium pattern, the copper being the heat pipe.

The installation kit is very straight forward to use and very intuitive but a manual is still provided

The installation mounting kit has compatibility for Intel LGA775/1366 and AMD AM2(+)/AM3/SKT 754/939/940. The Intel and AMD mounting kit come packaged separately to prevent any confusion. There is also a 4 pin to Molex converter . More details are provided on the installation page.

The back plate 4 sets of wholes labelled K8, 1366 and 775. The AM2(+)/3 label are missing

The back plate has pre-drilled hole for all the different socket installation, all clearly labelled on it. Each hole has a groove ensuring that when the bolt is inserted, it can lock into place.

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