Alpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅13-02-11
Introduction and specifications

Product on Review: Föhn 140 Wing Boost
Manufacturer: Alpenföhn
Street Price: £13.91 at time of review

Alpenföhn have expanded their acclaimed Wing Boost series of fans with a new 140mm model.

The Föhn 140 Wing Boost has all the great design features present in the 120mm version reviewed last year.

Alpenföhn have impressed the PC market for a few years now with their innovative cooling products that cater for all aspects of PC cooling. These specifically include CPU, HDD, GPU, RAM, chipset and notebook cooling. They even provide their own thermal paste and of course system fans to work in conjunction with their heatsink products.

Föhn 140 Wing Boost Specifications

Fan size - 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Speed - 1100rpm @ 12v and 600rpm @ 7v
Air Flow - 104.7 m³/h
Noise - 19.4 dBA
Life - 100,000 hrs
Voltage Rating - 12v DC
Connector - 4 pin PWM
Weight - 200g

Rubber fan mounts x 4, 400mm 4pin to 3pin extension adapter and a molex pass through with a 7v adapter for reduced RPM 'silent' usage.

The Wing Boost has modest specifications and should hopefully prove to be a quiet case fan design.

It uses the same rubber coated frame as the 120mm version which should help absorb vibration transfer and consequently noise... especially when combined with the supplied rubber fan mounts.

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