Alpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅13-02-11
Packaging and accessories

A familiar sight greets us with the Föhn 140 - it's packaged in an essentially identical box. The front contains a window so prospective purchasers can peek at the product they're considering buying.

Box front.

The rear contains the specifications I placed on the previous page as well as a large panel identifying three of the fans main design features! As you can see at the base of the specifications section the Föhn 140 comes with Alpenföhn's excellent 3 year warranty.

Box rear.

Once unpacked you'll find the bundled accessories including the 400mm extension and 3pin converting cable, the 7v converter with integrated molex pass through and the four rubber fanmounts.

Supplied accessories.

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