Alpenföhn Föhn 140 Wing Boost Fan Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅13-02-11

The Föhn 140 is another credit to Alpenföhn. Good design features, a nicely considered set of accessories and solid performance.

My only real reservations lie in its slightly intrusive 12v performance and that PWM 'click'!

It's certainly a little disappointing although I must add that it's not an issue limited to this fan range - other fans from a wide selection of different manufacturers suffer from the same problem and when compared to their non-PWM brethren come out 2nd best.

That said I believe you could happily use the Föhn 140 as both a heatsink and case fan. It's good airflow performance while using the supplied 7v adapter provides the best of both worlds. Sufficient back pressure with only that hint of PWM click.

Alpenföhn Föhn 140.

At just under £14 the Alpenföhn Föhn 140 makes a decent case for itself. Whilst it doesn't perform to the level of the very best 140mm fans out there it's price is around 20% cheaper than those competing models meaning it certainly offers decent performance for a relatively reasonable cost.


+ Good airflow and pressure at both 12v and 7v
+ Nice accessory selection - specifically the rubber mounts and 7v adapter
+ Rubber frame that aids vibration absorption
+ Braided cable
+ Dual mount solution - 120mm and 140mm
+ 3 year warranty


- Not the quietest at 12v
- PWM click at lower voltages

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