AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Processor Review

👤by James Clewer Comments 📅07-12-10

Product on Review: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Processor
Manufacturer and Sponsor: AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
Street Price: Approx £225 At the time of review

AMD are currently in the process of dropping prices while also releasing a set of new chips. The first couple include a faster dual core Phenom II Black Edition and a new triple core Athlon II model. The final chip is their new flagship desktop chip the Phenom II 1100T Black Edition. This processor will sit above the popular 1090T with an increased stock clock speed of a tasty 3.3GHz.

AMD's current crop of six core CPU's have been designed to be affordable or as they say 'priced to be accessible'. And whilst not cheap they're certainly massively more affordable than the nearest Intel six core CPU.

With many years of experience producing processors, chipsets and now graphics solutions for both business and home use AMD are well qualified in today's silicone fuelled world.

They're also very proud of their ability to provide a combination of affordable, compatible and capable hardware to both standard and enthusiast users alike.

Here’s a little about the company:

Over the course of AMD's four decades in business, silicon and software have become the steel and plastic of the worldwide digital economy. Technology companies have become global pacesetters, making technical advances at a prodigious rate — always driving the industry to deliver more and more, faster and faster.

However, “technology for technology's sake” is not the way we do business at AMD. Our history is marked by a commitment to innovation that's truly useful for customers — putting the real needs of people ahead of technical one-upmanship. AMD founder Jerry Sanders has always maintained that “customers should come first, at every stage of a company's activities.”

Having looked at a great many AMD chips recently including their affordable 1055T hex core I'm interested to see how this brand new top end processor compares.

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