Antec High Current Pro 1000W Platinum Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-08-12
Closer Look (External)

HCP-1000 is fairly non-descript; though it does have Antec branding on either side which stands out. Since you have an 80 Plus Platinum efficient PSU, I guess you want to show it off! Overall build quality with this unit is as per other Antec’s PSUs – excellent.

An overview of HCP-1000

The outer structure of HCP-1000 is matt black. Antec have covered the 135mm dual ball bearing fan with an aesthetically pleasing grill. In the very centre the Antec logo leaves you in no doubt who the designer is.

135mm dual ball bearing cooling fan

HCP-1000 prides itself in being full-modular. There are no hardwired cables coming from the unit, and so as a result there is an extensive modular panel on the inside of the unit. The red sockets are designated for PCI-E, there are a total of four rails split over five sockets.

HCP-1000 is full modular

On the alternate side to the cooling fan sits the specifications label. This details wattage for the rails as well as ampage. The HCP-1000 confidently affirms itself by having Continous Power. This unit has a total of 1000W available for multi-GPU configurations and each of the four rails has 40A.

The specifications label detailing ampage and wattage

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