Antec Notebook Cooler 200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-12-09
Product on Review: Antec Notebook Cooler 200
Manufacturer: Antec
Price: £51.93 (At time of review)

Technology moves fast, and this is especially so with computer hardware. We have seen the super fast processors, memory and graphics move from desktop to notebook in a short space of time and this has meant that cooling manufacturers have had to develop new innovations to counter the excessive heat that these notebooks produce.

It’s quite simple; components inside a notebook are very tightly seated together and because of this they generate heat quicker than the conventional computer would. This reaction can cause system lock-ups, crashes and even hardware failure. The faster the hardware the more heat generated, so gaming notebooks in particular will list highly as a victim of such weaknesses.

To combat this, Antec have developed the Notebook Cooler 200 which utilizes a huge Antec Big Boy 200mm LED fan.

Antec have the following to say about the Notebook Cooler 200:

“Today's premium notebooks can play many of the most demanding games but that performance comes at a great cost: most notebooks provide inadequate cooling, and run a huge danger of overheating. Antec's Notebook Cooler 200 offers gamers the perfect solution, a robust and stylish cooler for even the most cutting-edge notebook.”


• 200mm Antec Big Boy fan with two speed settings delivers maximum cooling
• Powered by a USB connector - no batteries or power adapters!
• Internal blue LED illumination delivers unbeatable style and can be toggled on or off through a convenient switch
• Unique design enables effortless operation on either a flat surface or the user's lap
• Unit Dimensions:
• 0.9'' (H) x 13'' (W) x 11.2'' (D)
• 2.2 cm (H) x 33 cm (W) x 28.4 cm (D)
• Package dimensions:
• 2.1" (H) x 14.8" (W) x 12.9" (D)
• 5.4cm(H) x 38cm(W) x 33cm(D)
• Weight: 1.6 lbs / 0.7 kg

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