Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120 Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅31-08-12
Test Setup & Methodologies

The Antec TrueQuiet™Pro 120 was tested on the same Megahalems setup as the recent Ultimate Cooling Fan Grouptest 2012 Review.

Test Setup
CPU Intel Core i7 860 at 3.6GHz and stock
Cooling Prolimatech Megahalems
Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3P
Memory G.Skill 8GB 1600MHz low profile RAM
Storage Kingston SSDNow V+100 64GB SSD
PSU Seasonic X-750
Sound Level Meter Tenma 72-942
Stress software and CPU temp logger OCCT 3.1

The fan was tested seven times with the switch set to High on the 3.6GHz overclocked system, with the results averaged. After establishing that the fan did not fare well on the overclocked system at its Low setting, it was tested eight times at stock -- switch set to Low. The results were then averaged.

The Antec TrueQuiet™ Pro was also tested in the open. At the High setting the 120mm ran 1216 RPM in free air, with an equivalent one-meter sound pressure level (SPL) of 22 dBA. Antec specifications are 1200 RPM and 18.8 dBA. At Low speed the 120mm ran 658 RPM and 13 dBA. Remember that this setup cannot measure noise below about 12-13 dBA, and this fan was definitely quieter than what was measured. Antec specifications at the Low speed setting are 600 RPM, 10.8 dBA. 10-11 dBA sounds about right.

The next three pages will show the fan performance on the heatsink, arranged by name, by temperature over ambient, and by sound pressure level. A fourth page will show performance on the non-overclocked system.

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