Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120 Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅31-08-12

The Antec TrueQuiet™ Pro 120 is a truly innovative fan. Its “cylindrical turbine fan blade design” not only helps it to be quiet, but the stability imparted by the ring rim allows the seven blades to be widest where they move the fastest – at the circumference.

The Antec TrueQuiet™ Pro 120 succeeds in its mission to be quiet. Look at the SPL chart (page 7). Few other fans at comparable noise spin as fast as the TQP 120. In the TOA chart (page 6) most of its competitors are 140mm fans.

And then there is the magnet. Short of destroying the fan, the bearing itself cannot be accessed. But the magnet may be a way of solving the problem that sleeve bearings have when their airflow is pointed upward. It is strong enough to pull the blade assembly firmly up into the frame where it can spin freely. No sagging or excess vibrations with this fan. The magnetic pill may be an inexpensive response to the fancy bearings seen on other fans. A definitive answer will have to wait until someone destroys one of these beauties to inspect the bearing. Until then, enjoy the innovation.

+ Quiet
+ Beautiful
+ Switchable Low and High settings
+ Special care taken to reduce transmitted vibrations
+ 3-pin Molex adapter has an RPM-reporting line

- Easy to forget yourself and grab this fan by the rim, which may bend the shaft.

The Antec Antec TrueQuiet™ Pro 120 is a radical step away from other fans. Indeed, it breaks the boundaries for case fans. From the “cylindrical turbine fan blade” (ring rim) to the magnetic pill in the center of it all, this is a truly innovative fan. As such, it deserves a Vortez Creative award.

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