Antec Twelve Hundred (1200) Gaming Case Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-10-08
In this latest review we take an indepth analysis of Antec's most recent gaming chassis to succeed the popular Nine Hundred Gaming Case - The Twelve Hundred.

The Twelve Hundred is Antec's top-of-the-line gaming case. The Twelve Hundred is the successor to the award-winning Nine Hundred which was a popular choice for many with its distinct glowing appearance, excellent build quality and great airflow. The Twelve Hundred has more space, more fans and has washable air filters. It seeks to continue the legacy of such high standards that the Nine Hundred set and improve upon them, giving gamers a case which is bigger and better!

As graphics card develop they seem to be getting larger in size. With the recent NVidia 9800 GX2 reaching 10.5inches. The Nine Hundred case struggled to host such a large GPU, the Twelve Hundred will surely build on such downfalls and improve upon them?

Over the next few pages we find out just how big the Twelve Hundred is, showing off all It's features and revealing if these improvements really justify the higher price bracket the Twelve Hundred is found at.

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