ARCTIC COOLING Accelero Twin Turbo Pro Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅21-03-10
Installation - Video

Installation takes around 30 minutes depending on the pace at which you take things apart and apply the Twin Turbo Pro. It's always better to allow yourself extra time as taking apart such a component requires you to be extremely careful as the PCB and various parts are fragile. You will appreciate that taking apart a £300 graphics card can be quite nerve racking so, take your time and make a spacious environment so you make it as easy as possible.

I'll just say from the outset, this whole process isn't very well documented in the instructions manual. Often I found myself having to work it out for myself. Now I appreciate that ARCTIC COOLING can't provide support for every single graphics card that the Twin Turbo is compatible with I would expect better guidance with the process and as this cooler is the upgrade from the Twin Turbo signifying that the Pro is suitable for the HD5870 it would have been nice to know where the heatsinks for the VRM chips and such like to be included. Hopefully ARCTIC COOLING will take this onboard for the next release, you can't criticise over support but you can criticise lack of support.

NOTE: Fan can be controlled at 7V and 12V via the PSU adapter.

(Videos currently processing on youtube)

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