ARCTIC COOLING Accelero Twin Turbo Pro Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅21-03-10
Modern Warfare 2 / DIRT 2 Performance
As someone pointed out, synthetic benchmarking whilst it does give us the worst case scenerio (and reading those Furmark temperatures will leave you in no doubt of that) it's also a beneficial practise to benchmark some games in order to ascertain a 'real-world' example of how the Twin Turbo Pro would react.

So I've chosen two popular titles to test the thermal performance of both the stock reference cooler and the ARCTIC COOLING Acclero Twin Turbo Pro. Both offer intense rendering and complex arctitecture and should provide an example to the typical gamer - what temperatures they should expect from both coolers whilst in game for approx. 20 minutes. With the stock reference cooler using 5v for the operating of the fan, I chose to stick the AC Accelero Twin Turbo Pro on 7v giving it the benefit of the doubt. 7v is extremely quiet and it shouldn't trouble even the most sensitive of ears. (Check the video in the conclusion section).

Quite miraculously, the turn of events change whilst in game. No longer is the Twin Turbo Pro the inferior cooler. Sure enough the VRM is higher, but at no point did it ramp up any further than the stated values above. It's quite pleasing to see things change like this, because the Twin Turbo Pro is a quieter solution. This makes it ideal for those wanting to dull out the noise, have a bit more control over the fan speed and lower temperatures in game.

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