Arctic Sound P311 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅12-11-10

The ARCTIC Sound P311 is the company’s first Bluetooth headset. With its behind-the-neck design, it gives a secure fit and it offers a dual function: a handsfree headset and headphones for media playback. Compact and light, the ARCTIC Sound P311 is an interesting travel companion for smartphone and notebook users. Its dark grey and black design gives the device a very sleek look.

As far as sound performance goes, it is fair. There is a lack of low frequencies in such a way that audio playback becomes dull and hollow. Microphone quality is good and it offers adequate background noise cancellation.

Battery life is top notch. It matches the claim of ARCTIC that is up to 20 hours of playback or talk time. A rated standby time of up to 400 hours sweetens the deal.

The ARCTIC Sound P311: a handsfree headset at a reasonable price

Bluetooth connectivity was easy to setup on both smartphones and computers running Windows. Integrated buttons allowed for volume, track and call control without the need of fiddling around with the host device. Wireless range was excellent at up to 15 meters through multiple wooden walls.

As for downsides of the ARCTIC Sound P311, these include discomfort after prolonged usage of the device, inappropriately loud device beeps, and lack of low frequencies in sound quality.

The suggested retail price of the ARCTIC headset is a mere 31.95 € / US$ 37.95. This puts the device at a similar or lower price than other Bluetooth headsets (both behind-the-neck and single-ear devices) as well as PC headphones. By doubling as a headset and headphones, the ARCTIC Sound P311 offers great value. Furthermore, with its excellent implementation of Bluetooth, this ARCTIC product is an excellent handsfree device.

With all of this in mind, the ARCTIC Sound P311 is given the Vortez Silver Award and the Vortez Amazing Value Award.

+ Adequate sound quality and microphone performance
+ Amazing price
+ Compact and light
+ Decent bundled accessories: USB charging cable and sturdy carrying case
+ Excellent Bluetooth range
+ Great Bluetooth compatibility and easy setup
+ Long battery life in both playback and standby time
+ Sleek design

- Behind-the-neck design is not the most comfortable option
- Clunky and cheap-feeling buttons
- Inappropriately loud device beeps
- Lacking in low frequencies
- No button to mute microphone
- Padding on the ear cups is too stiff

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