ARCTIC Sound S362 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-07-12

Product on Review: S362
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ARCTIC
Street Price: £59 (At time of review)

ARCTIC who were once known as Arctic Cooling have taken their passion into many varied markets in recent years stretching out to even producing remote controlled speed boats. ARCTIC Sound is ARCTIC’s audio segment dealing with many products from earphones to speakers and it is today that we will be taking a look at a 2.1 sound system named S362.

S362 is a 2.1 sound system designed to make watching movies, listening to movies and playing games even more enjoyable. Their price makes them quite an attractive product and we are hoping today that quality and performance does not suffer as a result. Join us as we review the ARCTIC S362’s.

ARCTIC Sound's take on S362
Be mesmerized by the heart-thumping bass of the ARCTIC SOUND S362 when watching exhilarating movies, or when playing intense video games. This high-end system dramatically elevates your listening experience.

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