ASUS CineVibe Rumble Feedback USB Gaming Headset Review

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅23-07-10
Product on Review: ASUS CineVibe (No product page)
Manufacturer and Sponsor: ASUS
MSRP: 58.99

The world of audio headsets is an extremely competitive market. There are some 20+ brands that I can think of right away, and so, for a brand to enter such a domain is a rather brave journey. We've seen the likes of ARCTIC recently tackle the audio market with confidence and conviction, and there is no reason why a successful brand like ASUS cannot compete against the rivalry. They are a world-wide corporation that delights in delivering quality goods in an awful lot of genres.

This week I've been lucky enough to be reviewing an exciting new ASUS product to be launched under the gaming headset market, the CineVibe headset. This new audio peripheral makes use of 'Rumble Feedback'. Used enhance the listening experience in a multitude of environments - games, movies and music.

ASUS Take on the CineVibe

Immerse yourself. Feel every glancing blow and get yourself in the game like never before. The ASUS CineVibe is here and brings tactile bass vibration to a level never found before to give you that competitive edge. With ASUS audio engineering at the heart of the CineVibe, there really has never been a headset like this. The CineVibe is a plug & play USB headset that delivers the full audio package without the need for pesky driver installation. Comfort and precision are the most important aspects of any gaming headset and the gamers spirit is captured here - Shoot first and ask questions later because with CineVibe, there are no points for second place.

- USB Plug & Play - No drivers needed!
- Tactile Vibrations - Get yourself in the game!
- Volume, Microphone and Vibration control - Adjust volume, microphone mute and vibration on or off at the flick of a switch!
- Fold Flat Design - Easy to transport to LANs!
- Directional Noise Cancelling Microphone - Clear communication is the key to victory!

Technical Speficications
Speaker Size - 30mm
Cable Length - 1.5M
Impedance - Vibration on: 16ohm +- 25% at 1kHz, Vibration off: 32ohm +- 25% at 1kHz
Frequency Response - Headset 20Hz-20kHz, Microphone 100Hz~10kHz
Input sensitivity - Vibration on: 105dB +- 5dB at 1mW from HATS 4158C at 1kHz, Vibration off: 103dB +- 5dB at 1mW from HATS 4158C at 1kHZ

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