ASUS GTX580 1.5GB Review

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅03-01-11
Packaging and Content

The front of the box

The design on the box is noticeably very similar to that used on all their graphics card such as the recently reviewed AMD HD6970. The main difference is the green and black theme as opposed to the red and black one, differentiating the packaging for their Nvidia products. The packaging depicts a rampaging horseman symbolising ASUSís dominance and power. The highlight of the ASUS card is its unique voltage tweaking capability, shown on the front. The utility is claimed to potentially increase performance by 50% but this is most likely attributed to the increased overclocking headroom as opposed to actual performance. Some of the key features of the GTX580 are illustrated above the boldly printed model name, such as DirectX 11 and PhysX support. The graphics card comes with a 1536MB GDDR5 framebuffer, an impressive count on top of the 384 bit memory bus.

The back of the box

The back of the box is more informative and covers some of the cardís key characteristics is greater depth. At the top, the features are listed in 11 languages whilst below that are illustrations of DX11 in action and the Voltage Tweak tool, as well a short description of their benefits. Additionally there is an illustration of the different display connectors that can be found on the cardís I/O panel.

The specifications on the box

Voltage Tweaking has been one of ASUSís dominating features since the launch of their HD5870 a year ago and itís good to see that its implementation still appears on all their high end offerings. Voltages can be adjusted using the bundled SmartDoctor application and ASUS claim that the increased overclocking headroom can achieve up to 50% better performance. In reality, this will not be possible but the feature is still a welcomed addition.

Opening the box

Inside the main packaging is a blank box with the gold ASUS emblem in the middle.

The box compartments

Inside are two compartments, one holding the manual and driver disk, and the other containing the accessories. The graphics card is neatly wrapped in a protective anti-static bag, enclosed within foam padding.

The bundle

The top compartment is reserved to the accessories and installation guide. Included are:

- 1 x Dual 6 Pin to 8 Pin power adapter
- 1 x Mini HDMI to HDMI adaptor
- 1 x Multi-lingual quick-installation guide
- Driver disc

The bundle is fairly mundane and provides no extras on top of the essential accessories. The Mini HDMI adapter is to provide compatibility for Mini HDMI port on the GTX580.

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