ASUS P67 Motherboard & 'Sandy Bridge' Seminar

👤by Sahil Mannick Comments 📅14-11-10
Closing Thoughts

ASUS have some interesting concepts and ideas up their sleeves for us and their upcoming P67 motherboards will be a fitting platform to showcase their innovative prowess. For the most part, a lot of the features we have seen today are evolutions of those we have come across numerous times in previous motherboard reviews but ASUS are now looking at refining those to create a more user friendly experience. Their approach has been holistic in the sense that they have created a marriage between their hardware and software. No longer will users be limited to BIOS or UEFI in this case for tweaking. AI Suite II is the perfect solution bringing full control of DIP II to users for power management and overclocking.

Unfortunately, no information regarding the CPUs was disclosed and any information you see regarding them will be merely speculation as opposed to finalised details. Showcased at the events were the P67 motherboards and on initial look, they appear to bring the same quality we have grown to expect from previous ASUS motherboards. The new features brought to the table are DIGI+ VRM, BT GO, UEFI, DIP 2 and new ROG features on the Maximus IV Extreme. Price points haven’t been finalised but expect them to be priced in the mainstream bracket.

I would like to thanks ASUS for their invitation to the seminar.

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