ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-10-17
Packaging & First Look

Housed in a transparent plastic box, you can partially see the product alongside the ROG Strix branding.

The rear side lists all the specifics of the headset along with the package contents as well as an image of the headset itself.

Inside, ASUS have included a microUSB to USB cable (2m) along with a 4pole to 4pole 3.5mm jack cable (1.5m), both of which are braided.

Ear-pad material can be an important selection as it can effect comfort/breathability/noise leakage (passive noise cancelling) as well as the audio signature of the headset itself. To get the best of both worlds, ASUS have included a set of hybrid ear-pads, featuring an inner material of protein-leather, and an outer material which is a soft, breathable fabric. This will help provide long lasting comfort, while preserving the bass response.

The headset itself features a plastic frame with two large ear-cups either side. The aesthetic ranges from black, to gun-metal grey to silver. Despite its size it is relatively elegant, especially when compared to the previous STRIX headsets.

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