ASUS ROG Strix Fusion 300 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22-10-17
Closer Look

The plastic headband doesn't afford a huge amount of flexibility, but is strong. On top we find 'Republic of Gamers' embossed into it.

The headband features a soft, cushioned fabric material which is loosely connected to the frame. It certainly soft enough to help spread the weight of the headset and keep things comfortable.

The earcups are adjustable and feature a metal band, however on arrival our samples earcup was at maximum extension and had ejected from the frame. There was no damage done, and it was easily inserted back into the frame without any issues. This would however serve caution to those that wish to use this headset at full extension.

We see that the Fusion 300 headset can fold flat, which is handy for various reasons, including: wearing around your neck/resting, storage, ensures a comfortable fit, as well as making it easier to remove/replace the ear-pads.

The ear-pads themselves feature the ROG logo on the inner fabric, and are straight-forward to remove. Underneath we can see the ASUS Essence drivers and the metal covering.

The base of the ear-cups feature the connectivity ports (left side - micro USB, Right side - 3.5mm jack), while on the far left you will see a dedicated virtual 7.1 surround mode button.

The microphone pulls down from the headset and is made from a soft, opposable rubber material, and can be easily retracted.

Despite the various ROG logos placed around on the headset, it retains an edgy appearance despite its sleeker design, this is helped by the RED lighting via USB, sadly no RGB here.

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