ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-01-11
ASUS AI Suite II & Thermal Radar

Bundled with the Sabertooth P67 is AI Suite II which if you haven't already seen has had a major facelift and includes with the Sabertooth - Thermal Radar, DIGI+ VRM, and monitoring software for voltages, sensors and frequencies (Sensor Recorder).

DIGI+ VRM allows you to control the balance between efficiency and performance. Giving you the management over Phase Control above other elements. More information on DIGI+ VRM.

Thermal Radar

One of the fundamental innovations on the Sabertooth is the TUF Thermal Radar. 12 sensors are situated around the motherboard in strategic places - which are able to monitor crucial component temperatures. Below you can see each of the sensors and their location. From this GUI you can monitor temperatures of each sensor, fan speeds and voltages in real-time. Perfect for the professional that wants full control over system diagnostics, as this is who the Sabertooth P67 is really directed towards. As you will appreciate, Thermal Radar is very new, and certainly in the future I can see things advancing. Kick starting 2011, ASUS have launched their Sandy Bridge products with a bang.

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