ASUS ROG Spatha Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅01-05-16
Software & Lighting

The ROG Armoury software will automatically update the software and firmware for the dock, and for the mouse when connected by a cable. The Spatha features onboard memory for 5 customisable profiles and another default profile that the user can swap between on the fly by holding the DPI clutch/button followed by pressing one of the corresponding side buttons. Each button can be reprogrammed with either a command, function, shortcut or custom macro.

The performance tab gives control of the DPI clutch/toggle, and the DPI can be adjusted in increments of 50 up to 8200. You can adjust the X and Y resolution independently too if you choose to enable it. There are controls for acceleration/deceleration, angle snapping, polling rate and button response too.

There are a nice selection of lighting options, with a sync all three lighting zones mode that is 'on' by default, or you can customise and select each lighting mode for each zone as you please. The neat feature here is that there are separate brightness modes for wired/wireless for saving battery, and there is even a battery indicator lighting mode that can be adjusted to your preference.

There is a surface calibration tab for best tracking performance as well as customise the lift off distance for preference, as well as a tab for battery monitoring and power saving.

Lastly there is a decent macro recorder built into the ASUS software, it even records all mouse button presses, something that can't be said for many macro recorders.

The lighting is attractive and is a great way to create a customised experience with the mouse. The lighting is vibrant throughout the spectrum along with various different lighting modes to choose from. There are some colours that bleed into itself, such as yellow has a greenish tinge, though overall the RGB lighting is well implemented and is always a welcome feature.

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