AViiQ Portable Quick Stand Review

👤by Vinh Thai Comments 📅21-11-11

Product on Review: AViiQ Portable Quick Stand
Manufacturer and Sponsor: AViiQ
MSRP (excl. VAT): €19.99/USD $39.99

With “On The Go” at the core of their design philosophy, AViiQ has created a handful of portable accessories for both the notebook and the IPAD. Today, Vortez will be taking a look at the AViiQ Portable Quick Stand, one of two notebooks stands currently offered by this company. Like any other notebook stand, the Portable Quick Stand raises the laptop to improve both comfort and airflow. The product differentiates itself from its competitor with its simple yet efficient foldable design. This foldable design, paired with a strong aluminum structure, allows the Portable Quick Stand to be one of the lightest and most compact notebook stands currently on the market.

Does the Portable Quick Stand live up to its name? Read on as we take a closer look at AViiQ’s product.

The Portable Quick Stand: one of the two lightweight and portable notebook stands offered by AViiQ

AViiQ's take on the Portable Quick Stand
Even though other laptop stands are designed to support mobile products they are, generally, not designed to travel. The AViiQ™ Portable Quick Stand™ folds flat to fit easily into a laptop bag and is less than 1/4" thick. Unlike other laptop stands which are big, bulky and stationary, the AViiQ portable quick stand is design to fit the mobile lifestyle. Take it on the go and enjoy the benefits of a laptop stand, anywhere. Our unique patented folding design allows you to quickly fold and unfold the laptop stand in seconds, not minutes.

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