👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-02-17

Product on Review: AZIO ARMATO
Manufacturer & Sponsor: AZIO Corp
Street Price: US: $129.99

Azio show a keen spirit towards designing striking products and the Armato may very well be the embodiment of their mission. Crafted from fine materials, the Armato certainly stands out.

Inside they have chosen to use the quiet/tactile Cherry MX Brown switches accompanied by red LED lighting and a selection of lighting effects. So it would seem that Azio are targeting those that consider LED back-lighting as a purely functional, no-nonsense feature. The red LED lighting is then set against a black anodized brushed aluminium top plate, that is then matched with a striking red mesh spanning from side-to-side. Despite its minimalistic design ethic, the Armato affords the gamer a selection of dedicated macro keys, media keys, FN commands, along with 100% anti-ghosting, ensuring that this keyboard provides competitive performance.

Overview by AZIO
The Azio Armato embodies simplicity, purity, and boldness. Its sophisticated daring design captures attention at first glance. This keyboard offers striking aesthetics and essential gaming functionalities.

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