👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-02-17
Packaging & First Look

As with our previous outing with Azio, the packaging is a sleek black with a metallic red print giving a vague outline of the product and the product name and what it actually is.

At the back there is an overview of the product and its features as well as an actual printed image of the Armato (I am so tempted to say tomato). Alongside the image of the keyboard there is information about its specifications, and the package contents.

Shipped with the Armato, Azio have included a manual, a thank you note, a key-cap puller, and a magentic wrist-rest (palm rest, same difference). The underside of the palm rest features large non-slip pads and the Azio motto 'ELEGANTLY FIERCE', and while we could say that it does fall into the category of gaming jargon, we also felt it was a nice touch. The top side of the wrist-rest has a slight softness to it.

The Armato keyboard is a little larger than some keyboards which is expected considering the additional macro keys, however its overall presence isn't garish, or in your face. The black aluminium has sleek milled edges around each block of keycaps, giving that additional sexy definition. Behind the key-caps we can see that there is a red backplate to aid the transmission of the red LED lighting. The cable is a fairly standard 1.8m long that has been braided, and ends in a gold plated USB connector.

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