be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-17
First Look

PB 600 Window arrives in an eco-friendly, double reinforced cardboard box. Details surrounding the case are found on the front and reverse and inside, the case is covered in a clear plastic sheet and held in place with dual polystyrene pillars.

Removing PB 600 Window from its packaging we have quite a distinct looking mid-tower. The orange accent strips which run vertically are a clear indicator that we are dealing with a be quiet! chassis.

The “Window” aspect to PB 600 obviously points to the inclusion of transparency on the prominent side. be quiet! has equipped this case with a thick sheet of tempered glass. This allows for a complete overview of the system installed within the chassis and will certainly be ideal if you’re planning to deck the configuration out with RGB lighting.

Over on the reverse, we have a solid steel panel with no distinguishing features except on the inside, be quiet! has placed a thin layer of noise damping material to minimise noise emission.

So far, we have a tidy looking case which brings a level of elegance.

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