be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-17

At the very front of SB 600 Window we have a flat, plastic fascia which has two 5.25” drive bay covers in the upper region while along the edges we have mesh to allow air to enter for the front cooling and coloured strips since this is the “Orange” edition.

Around the back, we have an opening at the bottom for installing the PSU, seven PCI expansion slot covers and a 120mm rear exhaust cooling fan.

All of the essential front panel connectivity options are located at the very top and they include the following:

• Power button
• 2x USB 3.0 ports
• Headphone and microphone jacks
• HDD activity LED
• Reset button
• Three speed fan controller

Further back from these ports at the top of PB 600 Window, we have a large plastic panel which has four incisions which offer a degree of ventilation in case users want to add in cooling fans at the top of the chassis. Later on, we’ll check out the cooling options available.

Flipping the case over onto its side, we have four raised feet – each having a strip of rubber padding to prevent the case from slipping around on smooth surfaces. Immediately underneath the PSU area there is a dust filter which can be detached without having to place the chassis on its side as pictured.

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