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Packaging & First Look

The TZ77EX4 is presented in a busy but eye-catching box. There are stamps for each of the features included on this motherboard and BIOSTAR are keen to push this TZ77XE4 as an advocate for overclocking. The reverse of the box has the critical specifications listed with the main features again.

Inside, there are a variety of items included within the accessories bundle including:

• 4 x SATA 3/6GB/s
• 1 x SLI (Rigid) Connector
• 1 x CrossFire (Flexible) Connector
• 1 x I/O Shield
• 1 x Software CD with drivers
• 1 x User Manual

The packaging is lively

Accessories bundle with SLI and Crossfire bridges

With the packaging out of the way we can finally take our first look at the TZ77XE4 and what a nice looking motherboard it is. It has a matt black finish to the PCB and so unlike some of the other motherboards we have seen it does not have a glossy surface. All ports and slots are black and BIOSTAR have given the Z77 chip and MOSFETs a metallic orange set of heatsinks that set this board off very well, the TZ77XE4 has the makings for one of the best looking motherboards out there!

The TZ77XE4 is a good looker – that’s for sure!

Over the page we will take a closer look at the TZ77XE4’s features and components.

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