BitFenix Shinobi XL Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-03-12
Packaging & First Look

BitFenix packaged original Shinobi in an eco-friendly style of box and the same packaging method has been used for XL. The front simply has some text and the BitFenix logo whilst the rear identifies significant features along with the technical specifications down the side.

Within the box Shinobi XL is covered in a clear plastic sheet and held in place via Styrofoam pillars to protect the case whilst in transit.

Packaging is eco-friendly

With Shinobi XL finally out of its packaging we can take a look at how this chassis sizes up. Of course, its styling has been carried across from the original Shinobi case with subtle aesthetics that appeal to those who have a preference for minimalist case design.

Both side panels are completely solid with the top and front panels having BitFenix Softouch giving it that matt surface texture. Overall a plain design, perhaps dull to some but to others it could be just up their street!

Simple, clean asthetics

A similar design to original Shinobi solid side panels

On the next page we will be taking a look at the external aspects of Shinobi XL.

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