BitFenix Shinobi XL Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-03-12
Interior (Continued)

In terms of cooling, Shinobi XL makes use of a Spectre Pro 120mm rear exhaust fan which can be upgraded to 140mm and a gigantic Sprectre Pro 230mm cooling fan sits at the top to push out any unwanted heat from the CPU cooler. There is lots of space at the top of the chassis and a little later we will explore fitting water-cooling radiators inside here.

There is the option to fit another 230mm fan at the top of Shinobi XL or replacing the existing fan up to 3x 120mm fans can be attached instead.

Plenty of cooling options within

Over on the other side of the chassis is the optical drive bay. Here there are a total of 5x 5.25 drive bays each with a tool-less design latch for quick and easy installation of devices. There is also a series of latches on the other side to provide a better balance of fixing.

Optical drive bays with tool-less design latches

Beneath the optical drive bays is the HDD cage. This can accommodate up to 7x HDDs - 3.5 and 2.5. The drive simply attaches to the tray. Behind the cage is another 230mm Spectre Pro intake cooling fan that provides cooling for the HDDs and also plans to drive air across the system. This HDD incidentally can be completely removed screws at the top and bottom simply need removing. This will then give access to installing water-cooling radiators and allow the 2nd 120mm fan mount to be used at the bottom of Shinobi XL.

The HDD cage inside Shinobi XL is removable

With the tour now over lets install our XL-ATX test system within Shinobi XL and discover its strengths and weaknesses (if any). Follow us over the page.

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