CeBIT 2010 - CoolIT Omni A.L.C

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-03-10

CoolIT were at CeBIT this year and just like they did at CES they were showcasing the latest products to come out this year such as the Omni, ECO and Vantage. First up is the Omni, a graphics card liquid cooling solution that removes the massive costs involved in buying waterblocks for outdated cards. A simple and what seems a very effective solution. Check out the video below.

OMNI ALC offers the end user a function set never before present in a retail product. A fully upgradeable, factory sealed, liquid cooled video card solution is an industry first. No longer do we need to purchase an entirely new cooling solution for each generation of video card, only the video card specific interposer plate must be changed. By ensuring that the liquid loop becomes a part of the cooling system that survives beyond one generation of VGA technology, the long term costs of owning liquid cooled graphics are dramatically reduced. This keeps total cost of the ownership as low as possible and enables one of the most environmentally friendly products in the marketplace.

The OMNI ALC revolutionizes the video card cooling industry by providing an upgradable, high performance and cost effective universal liquid cooling solution that does away with the traditional design approach.