CEBIT 2011 - Kingston 24GB HyperX T1B, HyperX SO-DIMM 2133MHz OC

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-03-11
Kingston 24GB HyperX T1B

You may have already seen the Kingston 24GB HyperX T1 video already. Kingston have been preparing this kit for the X58 chipset and had a live demo of this 24GB kit installed on the new GIGABYTE G1 Assassin.

The setup pictured is what some would classify as la crème da la crème. Boasting the Intel Core i7-990X, GIGABYTE HD 6950 OC, Zalman’s 850W PSU, a dual combo of 96GB V+100 SSD, 30GB V SSD this system combined with the new 24GB (6x4GB) T1’s will eat data for breakfast. A great example of extreme performance using some of Kingston’s finest products, all housed within the DangerDen Tower 26 case.

Kingston enforced that they are committed in providing some of the best SSDs to the market. Look out for new releases this June when Kingston will be bringing some new additions to their line-up.

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