CeBIT 2011 - Enermax MaxRevo Powers 2 High End Rigs (4 GPU)

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-03-11

Enermax were definitely one of the more memorable brands at CeBIT 2011. Their booth was situated in a significant intersection which was perfect for the promotions they ran with the help of their Booth Models.

One of the things that stood out to me as having the "WOW" factor from their booth was the debut of their new MaxRevo series. This new series is designed for high-performance configurations and will easily sustain multi-GPU systems and even server setups. 6 powerful 12v rails are present that provide safe and stable supply of power, with up to 94% efficiency (80 PLUS Gold). This new series will be available in 1200W, 1350W and 1500W.

Enermax had a demo running of the 1350W powering 2 systems from the 1 PSU. As you can see from the images, both systems are extremely high end with dual GPU configurations. This shows that this range can sustain systems that require sheer power, as you will appreciate the specifications of both systems are simulating something very demanding.

The MaxRevo will be available to buy very soon. Pricing at the moment is only an approximate:

1200W - EMR1200EWT 279,00
1350W - EMR1350EWT 289,00
1500W - EMR1500EWT 319,00

EXX900 - 900W - 80 PLUS Platinum

Over at the Enermax booth they also had a prototype of an upcoming 80 PLUS Platinum rated PSU - EXX900. As the model name suggests this will be 900W and Platinum rated which is of the highest efficiency rating currently available. Platinum efficiency has only recently been introduced and there are only a few brands that actually have PSUs that fit into Platinum's stringent criteria for being up to 90% efficient.