CEBIT 2011 - MSI Military Class II, Big Bang Marshall, N580GTX Lightning, AMD HD 6990

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-03-11
N580GTX Lightning

Whilst MSI do produce a small selection of cards that feature the reference cooler from the likes of NVIDIA and AMD they specialise in 4 different series of after-market cooled graphics cards. Cyclone, Twin Frozr III, HAWK and Lightning.

The card that took centre stage at the MSI booth was the upcoming N580GTX Lighting which has a 16 phase PWM design, independent memory power with Proadizer, plus CoperMOS for excellent power stability. It goes without saying that this card will be the ultimate NVIDIA GTX 580 variant. It will feature 1.5GB/384bits GDDR5 memory with dual DVI-I and HDMI. Dual BIOS switch with LN2 mode for extreme enthusiasts who want to break records. There are even V-Check Points located on the card for use with multimetre voltage reading.

In case you are wondering, the Twin Frozr III thermal design has dual 90mm PWM fans that are said to provide up to 20% more airflow than standard 90mm fans. It also features SuperPipe Technology for the best heat dissipation. MSI commented on the thermal performance of this card/cooler and confirmed that the results they had experienced so far were astounding, so expect very good things.

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