CeBIT 2012 - FSP Showcase Uncompromising Power Supplies

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-03-12
The Aurum Family

At CeBIT 2012 we took a look around at FSP's showcase and saw their new AURUM 80 PLUS Gold rated power supplies. A line up that caters for silence lovers, with the AURUM Xilenser to the power hungry enthusiast with the AURUM Pro. The AURUM family feature a 5 year warranty, modular low profile cables and a unique rugged 'granite-touch' texture which help them stand out in a competitive market. To further their power cause, they were also displaying the AURUM 92+, which is an 80 PLUS Platinum variant, distinguished by the gold colour being replaced by silver.

FSP's stand at CeBIT 2012 showing the AURUM Xilenser, 92+ and Pro models.

The AURUM Xilenser series is a 0dB, fanless design that comes in 400W and 500W outputs. Aside from the gorgeous exterior, there is some serious electrickery happening on the inside too, allowing the AURUM Xilenser power supplies to achieve the 80 PLUS Gold certificate, with little wasted energy, there is little heat generated which removes the need for heftin' heatsinks to aid in cooling the PSU.

The AURUM Xilenser in action powering an MSI GTX 560Ti OC Twin Frozr II

Sitting at the top end of the AURUM spectrum is the AURUM Pro. Available in 850W, 1000W and 1200W models that use a dual transformer matrix to power a high current single 12V rail which can deliver up to 100A, should be able to satisfy the power needs of the most power hungry setups.

The AURUM Pro 1200W powering 2x MSI GTX560Ti OC in SLI and an Intel 2500K overclocked to 4.5GHz

The AURUM Xilenser

The mid-range 550W, 650W and 750W AURUM CM (Cable Management) Series

The AURUM Pro 1200W

If you prefer your power to be a little more portable, then let's take a look at the slim NB Q120 PLUS 120W Laptop adaptor.

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